Franchising Update

Since 2020, the food service market has been unpredictable and had many ups and downs. High food, labor costs, product and labor shortages have been our biggest challenges.

With the economy slowing down and wages in this sector still high we have made the decision to pause franchising efforts at this time.

What does that mean?

Well, it means we will not be actively seeking new franchisees and are going to be very particular on approving any franchisee/location. We take your investment seriously and know you have likely worked hard to even get the opportunity to consider a franchise concept. We will be honest and will likely only consider locations that we can offer plenty of on-site training or guidance too.  You must be willing to work the franchised location full-time personally for a least the first year.  This will be a slow approval process. This business concept is hard-work but can be very rewarding. We want to be sure and we want you to be sure.

If you are still interested...please keep on reading.


Why and Where

  • The WingBasket Franchising Program offers you a unique opportunity to get personalized training and guidance right for you and your location.
  • A nationally acclaimed concept that we have perfected. Quality and service is our business.
  • Simple menu, chicken wings, chicken tenders, seasoned fries, veggies, and other assorted sides.
  • No pizza, no burgers, just the best chicken!


The cost of your WingBasket will depend upon many variables including location, building size, and construction cost in your area of the country. The estimated startup cost for a typical WingBasket would be $242,000 to $354,000 with liquid capital available of $50,000—$75,000.


Building & Equipment

The size of your WingBasket will depend on the available space within a shopping center, the rent per square foot, and how much space you desire for eat-in customers. The ideal space should be between 1300 sq. ft. and 1800 sq. ft.

We will provide the basic plans and layout to you so that your builder can adjust to the size of your particular store. Our layout has been designed for maximum efficiency for speedy delivery of the finished product to your customers.


Site Selection

The WingBasket concept has broad appeal to all ages, incomes and ethnic backgrounds, however there are certain criterion that will increase the success of your particular location.

WingBasket Franchising, will work closely with you on selecting the best location in your city. You know your location better than anyone else, so in the long run it is up to you. We will advise you and assist you in every way possible to make the right choice.

Think you know just the right area? Contact us and let’s get you started on the way to opening your first WingBasket restaurant.

Training & Support

It's In The Book - - That is the operations Manual, complete and thorough, to act as a day to day reference for immediate questions that may arise in your stores operation.

Our goal at WingBasket Franchising is to assure that each and every new restaurant has the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain the level of quality and service that the WingBasket customer expects and deserves.

To this end, we have established the best training and support program in the business. Prior to opening you and your designees will undergo comprehensive hands on experience at our training location. Here you will learn everything from preparing the food to record keeping and inventory control. Our training staff will leave you fully prepared to open your WingBasket Restaurant.

Your success is our success, before, during, and after opening your store we will be with you to make it as painless as such a project can be. Let's go to work on your future!

Get Started

This is a major decision, take your time, we know a successful WingBasket is the result of your desire and enthusiasm.

  • Study the facts. Check out our web-site and contact our office direct. Be sure you visit our stores and taste the exciting variety of wings, tenders and sauces.
  • Fill out our Franchise Inquiry form. This is a no obligation, confidential, application form which will allow us to contact you.
  • We get to know you. WingBasket Franchising, will review your information and contact you quickly regarding your qualifications and interests.
  • After review, if you qualify, WingBasket Franchising, will provide you a copy of the company Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). This document contains information about the company and the WingBasket Franchise System.
  • Questions and Answers. Call or meet with a corporate representative to discuss any remaining questions you may have.
  • Join our team as a new Franchise Owner. After the required 14 day business review of the FDD, you can choose to join the family of WingBasket stores.

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